Customer support over SMS with Uservoice &


Whenever end-customers can’t access or won’t read emails, the customer support workflow slows down significantly. With, your Uservoice support helpdesk becomes even more responsive.

Just advertise a mobile number your customers can message, and your SMS helpdesk is live. Incoming SMS creates a ticket in your help-desk. All agent replies to the ticket are sent out as SMS replies.

Completely seamless on both the customer’s mobile phone as well as on your help-desk. Get started today!

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Customer support over SMS using & Zendesk

Are you facing the problem of your customers not being accessible over email? Are you spending a fortune on telephone customer support? Would you like to have the option of simple SMS for you customer support?

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A birthday present! is a year old, and we’re giving you all a great new UI to use inside. We’d updated our front page a while ago, but the inside pages are now hooked up as well!

Check it out at the new!

Email to SMS to email!

With the new upcoming, we took the old and clunky SMS bulk blaster out back and gave it a ticket to the old-age home.

The spanking new replacement lets you just send email out. Pick the number you want to send to, and put that in an email address… would send the body of the email out to +65 9876 5432. Easy!

Received SMS into your phone can be sent up to your email inbox as an email too. Replying to this would send the email out as an SMS - Seamless!

It’s all coming in the next release!

We’re celebrating our first year of operation with a great new look and some exciting news to follow. Stay tuned for more updates!

Send SMS out direct from your web portal!

Send SMS out direct from your web portal! wants a server side developer!

Who we are: is a startup working on a new and innovative SMS transport platform. We help applications communicate over SMS using a HTTP web API call and an Android application. Our application is written in C# with MVC4 and is hosted on the Microsoft Azure cloud.

Who you’ll be:

We’re looking for the right person to fill the opening of Lead Developer. You’ll start off immediately on the server side, but you’d be free to move into other spheres of operation within the company in the future as we grow.

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We’re Hiring! - aka - Tripod wants fourth leg.


A trio wants a fourth to form the perfect A-team. Varun, Vijay & Weileen (we/us, from now on) started working on something unsexy but are now diversifying into other projects (sexy & unsexy). We’d like for you to join us in our quest to change our small bit of the world.

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Willy from Indonesia has just solved a problem that most of us had hitherto been resigned to endure.

Why waste time in a queue waiting for that delicious treat when you could chill out and just wait for a notification? Willy had enough of waiting for bubble tea, and decided to do something about it!

Waiting for bubble tea

Once you’ve paid, your cashier asks you for your mobile phone number for notifications. Once you’re in the queue, you get an SMS confirmation. When your order is ready for pick-up, you get another notification. Couldn’t get simpler!

Using a very slick Heroku based app, he has built up a very nice queue management system that could be deployed in well under an hour.

qBreaker interface

Willy has this solution completed but not tested up on his GitHub ( as well as a detailed description of the solution on his blog ( 

Check it out - Kudos to Willy!