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SMS with Zendesk

Customer support everywhere

When you’re setting up or just expanding your business, you’re bound to be affected by infrastructure problems. If mobile internet or smart-phone penetration is not what you expected, customer interaction is going to be difficult to maintain.

Supplement email with SMS

In markets where feature-phones still dominate market share and mobile internet access is still not very prevalent, traditional email based customer interaction is inefficient. There’s near 100% mobile phone penetration globally, and everyone has access to SMS. Why not replace email with SMS?

Already an expert at your Zendesk game? Extend your customer support reach with SMS. Everything else remains the same for your agents.

Global reach

With Sent.ly, you can have SMS extensions for your Zendesk portal in any country you would like. No more depending on operator coverage or having to deal with expensive short-codes. Get set and go in minutes.

Set up dedicated normal mobile phone numbers that your customers can contact for customer support queries. Have local numbers in each country of operation to have maximum customer interaction.

Want to extend your Zendesk account with SMS? Learn more here.


Zalora – Providing the perfect customer experience

Zalora is an exciting and very popular online ecommerce store with a presence in more than seven countries. Zalora has defined the market segment, spawning many competitors in each country as proof of their success.

Campaign specifics

As an all-online supplier, almost all of Zalora’s customer touch-points are digital in nature. These touch-points start from sign-up all the way out to following up on delivery.

On sign up, Zalora sends out an OTP to verify the customer’s mobile phone number. The OTP verification ensures that the number in question is correct for the following steps.

When the customer makes a purchase, Zalora sends out a delivery notification before the actual delivery. Zalora also provides a reply SMS mechanism to help customers reach back to customer support teams for anything at all.

When customers reply back to Zalora’s SMS, the SMS is inserted into the Zendesk customer support portal for further processing. This method ensures that all customer feedback / replies are dealt with effectively.


Zalora has been ranked as having one of the most customer friendly purchase and return processes. This results in Zalora being the fastest growing ecommerce site in the region.

Products used:

Zalora uses Sent.ly Phone with an integration into their Zendesk customer support system. This allows them to both send SMS from their ecommerce backend as well as hold complete customer support conversations over SMS. This system works extremely well wherever customers do not have ready access to smart-phones and mobile internet.

Let’s get started!

Learn more about Zalora Phillippines: https://www.zalora.com.ph/

Learn more about our integration with Zendesk!


Foodpanda – Connecting with Customers

FoodPanda is a multi-national online food delivery service with a presence in more than 30 countries around the world under different brands. Foodpanda ensures excellent user experience for happy repeat customers.
User experience specifics
Upon sign-up, FoodPanda verifies the sign-up number by sending a quick SMS with a one-time PIN. This ensures that there are no inadvertent mistakes in the contact telephone number
Once signed up, FoodPanda sends out multiple status update notifications over SMS whenever an order is created on the website. This helps users get confirmation of their orders from the serving restaurants, as well as track their order status. Hungry patrons are the most anxious kind!
FoodPanda also sets up pick-up and drop-off with a pool of delivery riders through SMS. Delivery riders accept advertised jobs to complete order delivery.
With the best user experience and restaurant network, FoodPanda is definitely one of the best online food delivery providers in Singapore with excellent brand recognition and user retention.
Products used:
FoodPanda uses the quick-to-setup Sent.ly Phone system in multiple countries. With one centralised IT team, the Sent.ly Phone system has been integrated once in Singapore, and then easily replicated by operations teams in other countries.

Would you like to try this out?

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Learn more about Foodpanda Singapore: https://www.foodpanda.sg/

Online marekting

Underrated Sites in Online Marketing

In the online marketing world, it’s easy to get caught up by the most popular marketing trends. But some of the most effective methods are quite under-rated. They toil away and keep delivering results. The perceptive few might be those who sense this untapped potential and reap huge rewards for going down the smarter path.

We’ve had some great success in this regard, and we wanted to share it with a quick infographic!

Niche Social Marketing

Niche Social Marketing

This article was first featured in TechinAsia.


Isetan – Connecting with loyalty card holders

Isetan is a very successful department store chain headquartered in Japan, with a very good presence in Singapore. Isetan has been running very successful customer engagement campaigns to increase footfall in their stores.

Isetan store

Isetan store

Campaign specifics
Isetan provides store offers and event information to their members through regular SMS notification and mobile Internet site. These offers are custom-tuned for a specific audience.
The marketing department creates a customised recipient list as a subset of the entire loyalty member group. This group size can range from a couple of thousand people to the entire group.
The marketing department takes great care to ensure that each campaign complies with standing legal Do-Not-Call regulation. Each campaign message has a built in unsubscribe option which helps loyalty members stop communication that they are no longer interested in.
The campaign increases customer footfall in the physical stores making Isetan one of the most successful department stores in Singapore. With a very loyal following, ISETAN’s marketing department sees very little unsubscriptions. This proves that a useful targeted SMS campaign can reap a lot of sales rewards.
Products used
ISETAN uses the Sent.ly Web platform to send out large marketing campaigns within fixed time windows. The high-performance web-tool ensures that everyone on the recipient list gets their message at the perfect time set by the marketing department, ensuring high engagement numbers.

Would you like to try this out?

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Learn more about Isetan Singapore: https://www.isetan.com.sg/


Smartphones in the Restaurant World

Smartphones influence our experiences – and our food habits are no exception. Restaurant owners have been noticing a change in engagement patterns, first hand.
Phones change the way customers connect with food. Over the past decade, smart-phone wielding customers have slowed down customer service. We did a quick infographic to illustrate their findings.
We’re not saying that smart phones are bad. In fact, we want to illustrate the impact of social media referrals and online reviews!

Restaurant patrons' smartphone usage over a decade

Restaurant patrons’ smartphone usage over a decade

This article was first featured in TechinAsia.

Sent.ly goes high fashion

Fashion Design Council of India’s Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week

Being at a fashion event in India was a great experience for Sent.ly. 124 of India’s top fashion designers participated in the event. FDCI decided to go high tech and introduced the FDCI WIFW mobile app platform powered by Sent.ly Notify as the Official App for the event. The app aims to connect designers at the event with Buyers, Media and other myriad visitors.

sample   designers   005-Profile-Details

The app was used during the event to broadcast live streaming YouTube links for the various shows which were, incidentally, AMAZING!

We managed to catch some of them… Pankaj & Niddhi wowed us with their “Vintage Closet” theme. The clothes were just… scrumptious!

We also got to see Masaba’s show which combined fashion with dance to create a wonderful experience for the audience. Her theme of “Patakha” or fire-crackers was aptly reflected both in the design of her clothes as well as the styling of the models who wore firecrackers in their hair in the place of flowers.

The GRAND finale by Rohit Bal at the Quli Khan tombs at the Qutub Minar was, possibly, the best show ever. The clothes, which bore a Kashmiri theme, were elegant and combined elements from traditional Indian dress such as Zari, Zardozi and Brocade.

To add a further element of perfection to the show, the voice of Shubha Mudgal (live) enthralled the audience throughout the show. We were swept to another time and place in a collective reverie led by Rohit Bal’s vision.

It is indeed an honour for Sent.ly to be associated with a show of such a stature.  As the technology partner for the FDCI WIFW platform, Sent.ly hopes to take the engagement with designers further by working closely with the FDCI and them to add even more value to the offering and grow the platform.

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Dunkin’ Donuts – A delicious SMS Story

There is nothing quite like pair of donuts along with a cup of coffee in the morning. But it takes some smart marketing moves for those donuts to be sold to a select target demographic. With big players in the market, Dunkin Donuts in the US had to go that extra mile via SMS marketing to gain attention of the audience with text messages.

Dunkin Donuts

At the price point in which donuts are available, Dunkin Donuts hit the nail by identifying their target audience correctly which mainly comprised young adults. They decided to harness the power of mobile and garner subscribers keeping in mind that fresh ideas would appeal to youngsters. They took to on-air promotions via local radio personalities and mobile internet ads which aroused a lot of interest and it end up being on forefront on people’s minds.

The next advantage that they got was the word-of-mouth because of the friendly approach that they took on their SMS campaigns. They tapped the sharing potential of youngsters by asking them to share or forward the message to their friends and family. They automatically gave the option to the customer to spread awareness and this ended up being a brilliant case of opt-in marketing.

Taking a light note on making their sharing and purchase details align had a massive impact and the resulted numbers were there to prove their SMS marketing success. They found a 21% increase in their in-store traffic and 17% of forwarded messages traffic which creates an extended network of influence.

When you are writing your own recipe for success, it really does pay to ask nicely! Dunkin Donuts eventually managed their resurgence with a savvy SMS campaign.

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Game over for SMS?

We have all noticed the explosive growth of the chat applications. Most likely you already do most of your messaging via WhatsApp, Line, Kakao, Viber or some other chat application. Personally I use WhatsApp – the statistics of my today’s message count stand at: 12 received and 2 sent. By comparison my today’s SMS stats are; 0 received, 0 sent.

Over the past few years the usage of chat applications have exploded and, like me, most people use a chat application instead of SMS when messaging friends and family. So where does that leave SMS? With most people installing chat applications in favor of SMS you would expect to see a significant drop in the number of SMS messages being sent. But that hasn’t happened. In fact the global SMS messaging volume is increasing.

Power of SMS

The reason for this increase is called A2P messaging or Application-to-Person messaging. While Person-to-Person SMS messaging volume is falling, the A2P SMS volume is rapidly rising. Examples of areas where A2P messaging is useful:

  • Confirmations and notifications
  • Passwords and IT security
  • Customer Service
  • Marketing
  • Delivery logistics

These are in many cases business critical functions (Like passwords or delivery notifications) where the sender needs to be absolutely sure the intended recipient receives the message. While chat applications have hundreds of millions of users they are still not able to offer practically 100% coverage like SMS does. If your phone has a SIM card connected to the network it will be able to receive SMS, but it may not have a data plan and the right chat application installed. As more and more services get automated the growth of A2P messaging is predicted to continue.

In fact the predicted increase in A2P messaging more than makes up for the drop in P2P messaging so the total global SMS volume is still set for growth in the coming years. The overall growth will be modest but if you look a bit closer at the numbers you will see that the modest growth is the result in a significant shift in what SMS is used for. Instead of being the standard for messaging between people it is becoming the standard for our interaction with technology. With the emergence of internet and a multitude of smart devices, this trend is not set to stop any time soon.

So SMS is absolutely not dead, in fact SMS is more alive than ever.

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